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From this page you can download the latest and previous versions of DupKiller, additional language files, and also can read about made changes.


Product nameVersionRelease dateOperation systemsStatusSizeTypeLinks
DupKiller0. 9x/Me, Windows 2000/XP/VistaFreeware3.85 MB.zipDownload
Previous versions:
DupKiller0. 9x/Me, Windows 2000/XPFreeware3.17 MB.zipDownload

The current archived alpha-version of DupKiller (work in progress) can be downloaded here (size: 1.67 MB). To install it you need to install the latest version and unpack the contents of the archive into the DupKiller folder. The information about last changes is contained in history.txt. This alpha-version may contain bugs and work incorrectly. It is for testing new functions only. It is recommended to install this version for examining it only, but not using it in everyday work.

Additional Language Files

LanguageDupKiller VersionAuthor of TranslationSizeTypeLinks
Bulgarian0.8.2H. PanaiotovHome pageE-mail22.71 KB.lngDownload
Castellano0.8.1Edgardo Raul SavinoHome pageE-mail16.73 KB.zipDownload
Chinese Simplified0.8.2GDGZWQZHome pageE-mail13.07 KB.lngDownload
French0.8.2Eric TournierHome pageE-mail22.73 KB.lngDownload
French0.8.1Eric TournierHome pageE-mail20.44 KB.lngDownload
German0.8.1Detlef HartmannHome pageE-mail19.75 KB.lngDownload
Italian0.8.2Rinaldo M. aka WhitesharkHome pageE-mail9.18 KB.zipDownload
Italian0.8.1K@rmaHome pageE-mail18.21 KB.lngDownload
Italian0.8.1Rinaldo M. aka WhitesharkHome pageE-mail8.64 KB.zipDownload
Spanish0.8.2The HispanicoWeb TeamHome pageE-mail9.58 KB.zipDownload
Spanish0.8.1The HispanicoWeb TeamHome pageE-mail9.10 KB.zipDownload
Valencian0.8.2vjatvHome pageE-mail9.54 KB.zipDownload
Valencian0.8.1vjatvHome pageE-mail8.99 KB.zipDownload

To install additional language files, you need to copy the downloaded language file to DupKiller folder (for example, C:\Program Files\DupKiller). If the downloaded file is an archive file (e.g., zip-file) then just unpack its contents to DupKiller folder.


Plugin NamePlugin VersionDupKiller VersionAuthorSource IncludedSizeTypeLocationLinks
PartNameCom 0.3 0.8.2 Sven Haul Yes 61.06 KB .zip This site Download
PartNameCom 0.2 0.7.1-0.8.1 Sven Haul Yes 65.86 KB .zip This site Download

Downloaded plugins (DLL) must be copied to a subfolder of DupKiller plugin folder (for example, C:\Program Files\DupKiller\Plugins\YourPluginName\your_plugin_name.dll). If the downloaded file is an archive, unpack its dll-files as described above. For more information, examine Read_Me files within.


  • DupKiller ver. 0.8.2 Summer edition (22.07.2007)
    • Made enabling/disabling subfolders in the lists of inclusions and exclusions
    • Allowed disabling of file existence check and file icon display in dupe list
    • Made manual selection of languages of help and tips
    • Included plugin HearIt! v0.1 (for playing audio files)
    • Made support of plugins for viewer
    • Improved plugin support
    • Made autoselection by last modification date
    • Made autoselection by size
    • Made replacement of duplicates with shortcuts
    • Made different improvements and interface changes
    • Fixed bug caused autoselection to ignore files without extension
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.8.1 New Year edition (17.12.2006)
    • Allowed file selection in the 'Autoselect' window
    • Column 'Name' was replaced by two columns (with path to file and file name)
    • Changed DKL-file (dupe list) structure
    • Made exclusion of selected files from list
    • Made copy/move of selected files to folder
    • Added file rename during file copy/move
    • Allowed new folder creation during file copy/move
    • Made some interface changes
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.8.0 Fall edition (02.11.2006)
    • Made the help with no frames
    • Improved file copy/move
    • Fixed dupe list load failure under Windows 9x
    • Changed DKL-file (dupe list) structure
    • Added removal of selected files
    • The 'Autodelete' function was converted into the 'Autoselect' function
    • Allowed selection of multiple rows in the dupe file list
    • Made some interface changes
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.7.2 Programmer's Day edition (10.09.2006)
    • Included plugin Simple Image Comparer v0.1
    • Added tips and tricks
    • Made file deletion from the list after copying to a folder (as option)
    • Made preview file size limitation
    • Enabled viewer integration into the GUI
    • Made automatic and manual character table detection for plain text files (for Russian language)
    • Added option "Skip missing files" to the 'Find Text' dialog
    • Added RTF-document preview
    • Added HTML-file preview
    • Added a lot of plain text file extensions
    • Made word wrap in plain text files
    • Made plain texts highlighting
    • Made GIF-image support
    • Made minor interface changes
    • Fixed some critical bugs
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.7.1 New Wave edition (17.08.2006)
    • Made file copying/moving from the dupe list to a folder
    • Made skipping of files with exact names during comparison of files with similar names
    • Made some interface changes
    • Included plugin ApproCom v0.1 assigned to compare files approximately
    • Made plugin support
    • Made shortcut resolving during scan process
    • Made shortcut resolving when dragging them into DupKiller window
    • Made adding of files and folders to Inclusions and Exclusions lists using Drag'n'Drop
    • Removed the "File read buffer" option
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.7.0 (23.07.2006)
    • Made progress indication during comparison of current files
    • Fixed incorrect work with files of large sizes (over 2 GB)
    • Made comparison by similar filenames
    • Made comparison by filenames ignoring their extensions
    • Made comparison by filetypes
    • Added missing folders removal into the context menu of Inclusions and Exclusions lists
    • Allowed search engine priority change during scan process
    • By default, DupKiller list extension is .dkl
    • Made different changes
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.5 (12.07.2006)
    • Made some changes in the installer
    • Added the Cancel button to the folder removal confirmation dialog
    • Made missing files check before autodeletion
    • Fixed long pause on the Autodelete window show when there was a lot of groups in duplicate file list
    • Added menu "File=>Save Settings on Exit"
    • Allowed selection of all folders with files to be removed in the Autodelete window
    • Fixed bug when files without extensions were not found during scan
    • Allowed wildcards in autodeletion
    • Made some interface changes
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.4 DNBI edition (24.06.2006)
    • Added menu "Language=>Download More Languages"
    • Partially fixed wrong button and other component positioning when large fonts were used
    • Made addition of .csv-files to "Start=>Documents" on their loading or saving
    • On help call, it is automatically shown the current tab help
    • Added duplicate file list horizontal scroll with the Left and Right arrows
    • Added rescan of files from current list
    • Added removable and network drives update lock
    • Added the "Maximize" button to the preview window
    • Added plain text file preview
    • Added MRU file existence check
    • Added the "Up" button into the "Folder Exclusion" window
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.3 Winter edition (25.01.2006)
    • Added additional language file support by copying to DupKiller folder
    • Added display of progress during list preparation
    • Removed the "Use quick alphabetical order sorting..." group from "Other Options"
    • Added display of progress during removal of missing files from list
    • Sped up file exclusion from list
    • Sped up list sorting
    • Fixed memory leak
    • Included support of large amount of graphic formats
    • Fixed minor bugs and made small improvements
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.2 (19.09.2005)
    • Fixed bug caused search engine to hang sometimes
    • Starting first time, DupKiller chooses the language selected during installation process
    • Made user settings saving in the Registry
    • Made show of real path to virtual or network drives in the "Scan Drives" window
    • Made some interface improvements
    • Added file type associations (.csv and .dks) with DupKiller
    • Made only one instance of DupKiller active
    • Added menu "Help=>Feedback=>Bug Report"
    • Added menu "Help=>Feedback=>Information Request"
    • "Save settings on exit" checkbox state is saved between sessions
    • Fixed bug of DupKiller previous version, that did not add files in "Files and folders" and "Exclusions" windows
    • Added jumping to previous/next window on Ctrl+Up/Down
    • Added context menu to scan drives
    • Added splash screen
    • Fixed some small bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.1 (15.08.2005)
    • Added removal of empty folders after deleting files from them
    • Added application icon animation during scan process
    • Fixed bug which forced program think that full and 8.3-format file paths are different (e.g. path 'C:\Program Files\MyCompany\MyApp\' was not equal to 'C:\Progra~1\MyComp~1\MyApp\')
    • Added display of additional information about scan drives
    • Made more accurate counting of remaining time during content comparison
    • Added the Refresh button to the Scan Drives window
    • Added data read speed counter
    • Added checking for updates
    • Added button for cleaning the MRU list
    • Enhanced interface
    • Added show of file deletion summary while holding mouse left key pressed on status bar
    • Added disabling of picture preview by pressing ESC-key (works when preview window is showing)
    • Not-found files in the list are colored in gray (by default)
    • Added break of processing the list by pressing ESC-key
    • Made optimizations of program code
    • Fixed show of virtual devices in the Scan Drives window
    • Added and changed some shortcuts: Ctrl+O - opens DupFile list, Ctrl+S - saves DupFile list, Ctrl+R - starts or pauses/continues scan process
    • Fixed bug caused program not to detect correctly which drives are present in system
    • Added drive icons to the Scan Drives window
    • After autoloading the list, cursor moves to its last position before autosave
    • Added break of scanning by pressing ESC-key (with confirmation dialog message)
    • Fixed bug caused program not to respond on system requests
    • Fixed typo
    • Fixed some bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.6.0 (22.07.2005)
    • Added the Window menu and shortcuts for settings windows: Ctrl+1..Ctrl+7 - Scan Drives..Statistics, Ctrl+0 - List
    • Added file rename function
    • Added autodeletion of files from list
    • Added autoload/autosave of list
    • Disabled autosorting of list after scan
    • When scan process aborted on last stage, found duplicates will be shown
    • Added loading/saving of settings
    • Added "Remove Current Group from List" to the list context menu
    • Added "Exclude Files Checked in the Exclusions Window" to the list context menu
    • Added "Exclude Folders Checked in the Exclusions Window" to the list context menu
    • Now one can choose drives of which type must be displayed in the Scan Drives window
    • Added possibility to save list as html-document
    • Added HTML preview of list
    • Added progressbar to statusbar
    • Now menus have icons and OfficeXP style
    • Enabled opening of .CSV- and .DKS-files with Drag-and-Drop method
    • Fully change navigation bar (now it is WindowsXP-like)
    • Improved some interface things
    • While duplicate file list processed, the corresponding message is being shown
    • Fixed viewer settings save bug
    • Fixed some installer bugs
    • Fixed typo
    • Fixed some bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.5.3 (31.05.2005)
    • Added MRU list of .CSV-files
    • Added picture viewer
    • Added menu "Help=>DupKiller Home Page"
    • Added menu "Help=>Download Newest Version"
    • History are now shown in two languages (English and Russian)
    • Fixed bug which occurred when deleting missing files from list
    • Fixed installer bugs and added to it creation of shortcuts to the help files
    • Fixed a log-file saving bug
    • Fixed bug that forced not to show a file properties dialog
    • Fixed some small bugs
  • DupKiller ver. 0.5.2 (23.04.2005)
    • First public release!!!
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